My name is Milosh Kitchovitch and Amazing Places on Our Planet is my project to film and present in videos some of the most spectacular locations around the World. I frequently get questions about my travels and filming, so let me share a little about myself, mostly in relation to my video work.

Why travel?

People travel to see new places, meet other people, learn about different cultures and traditions, enjoy exotic food, etc. (just to name a few). More and more people come to the understanding that memorable experiences in life are more valuable than possessions, and travel is probably the easiest way to live through new unforgettable moments.

Visiting and showing some of the most amazing and beautiful places on our planet is the ultimate purpose of travel for me, as the name of my website, channel and pages imply. Being fully present at such places can be described as transcendental experience, going beyond everyday life, opening us to new dimensions, showing us a glimpse beyond the current boundaries of our perceptions.

Why "the beauty of our World without words"?

I just explained that the ultimate reward of travel for me is the undisturbed presence at exceptional places, but there are things that can disturb the experience induced in us by such magical places: the crowds, the ordinary conversations around us, or even the explanations of the guide. It is certainly important to know more about the place, its history, related science facts, but while contemplating the beauty, the extraordinary, the conceptualizations can interfere with our perception and ruin the precious moments we have. So we need peaceful time and detachment from distractions to enjoy the world in all its complexity, wholeness and beauty.

So the reason I do not have voice over in my video (and I do not vlog in front of camera), is because I do not want to distract from the experience (anyway information is easy to find nowadays). The words, the explanations are related to thinking and analysis and they distract from perceiving fully the place. On the opposite – the music can open our sensitivity to the mystic nature of the place and improve our perception.


My Story

I first began filming during my trips fifteen years ago. I noticed that filming intensified my pleasure of travel, as I was able to share the excitement from the visited locations way better, compared to photography. With the video I was attracted and compelled to make the best selection of scenes from the places to convey the feeling of being there. The process of creating the video was rewarding enough to compensate the hard work needed in post-production to transform the raw footage into nice complete piece (the editing, if done well, takes more time than the filming itself, and it is what stops many people from trying videography).


In the beginning I was recording the videos from each trip on 10-20 DVDs to share with friends and family. In 2007 YouTube introduced full HD video upload, so I decided to share my efforts with the world and created my YouTube channel "Amazing Places on Our Planet". Since then I removed many of the old videos, their quality was low compared to my 4K videos (not even to mention my skills at the time) (I still keep some early videos in the channel - I am not sure I will be able to revisit these interesting places). Gradually my passion for travel and filming urged me to use every hour of my vacations (paid and unpaid) to travel. I managed to get to distant places that I dreamed only about in the past, but never thought would be possible visiting. I was working at that time as a software developer, and later as an IT project manager at a bank in Manhattan, so financially the travel was not a problem, rather the vacation time was never enough.


In the first seven years my YouTube channel grew up gradually, and I was able to sell some video footage. I began trying other ways to get income from my videos, like monetizing on YouTube. I had already worked in the bank for many years and I felt the corporate environment as too restrictive, by taking me away from the ability to create what I want. So I decided to take the risk of quitting my job and accepting a significant drop in my income, and in exchange - diving fully into what I love and enjoy, no matter how hard the work would be.

Well, as of today (my YouTube channel being 11 years old) I am glad I took the challenge. Now I am able to fill up every hour of my life only with what I consider important and exciting. From time to time people comment on my channel: "You must be rich, to afford travelling so much". The answer is “No” - if traveling is really your passion, go for it, you will be ready to cut on expenses that most people would consider very important. And interestingly enough - when you travel on budget, what you live through is more authentic and unique, compared to traveling in comfort or luxury.

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