I am addicted to the beauty of our world!

There are many reasons why people are obsessed with travel. For me it is only one: witness the most amazing, scenic, beautiful, sacred, energy filling places on our planet.  And share this experience with other people, who are interested in the same. I do this with images, but mostly - through my videos. Maybe one day I will find enough time to share my experiences verbally, but for now - it is just 'The Beauty of Our World Without Words'



Over the last 10-15 years I have visited hundreds of great locations. In my YouTube channel Amazing Places on Our Planet you will find more than 220 videos in HD, more than 110 of them in 4K Ultra HD quality. These videos present the places in a natural way, the same way you would see them if visiting. No timelapses or substantial color or cinematic manipulations, these approaches can be artful and beautiful, but I beleive the best places on the planet do not need enhancement to impress us.

Enjoy! Meanhwile I will be expanding this website with more content